Our Methods

Owners, developers and general contractors will realize substantial savings in labor and material costs by using ADC’s customized performance methods. ADC’s methods will offer complete adaptability at cost-effective prices.

Specialized architectural & construction drawings provided by our skilled staff will outline the schedule, work sequence and the materials needed for general construction projects and renovations.

A Zero Item Punch List, will optimize the entire process from start to finish to ensure completion and satisfaction. By taking immediate action on items, we can prevent procrastination and aggravation. All the while paving the way to better suppliers and providers. Ultimately giving our clients the best services and final product for their money.

Custom quality control will be used in addition to guarantee compliance and safety for our clients and employees.

As a standard we:

  • Schedule only experienced sub-contractors and material deliveries from proven suppliers
  • Verify and insure that all work is done in accordance with project outline
  • Assure that all work is performed in accordance with OSHA guidelines